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Medication & Therapy 

Dr. Bianca Busch

CO | CT | DC | GA | IL | MA | MD | NY | OH | OK | TX

Dr. Busch

Psychiatrist &

Hi, My name is Dr. Busch. When deciding who will care for you or your child, you want someone you can trust. 

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I understand that medication may not be your first step to wellness.

Thinking about you or your child relying on medication may make you feel uncomfortable.


I get it. I understand how you feel and I respect you. Let's work together to make a plan that works for you!

You need to talk to someone.

Your college student needs a place to express themselves.

Sharing thoughts and feelings can be tough. I'm here - patiently listening and helping you move forward. 



Schedule a time to speak with me by phone or Zoom!

Pillow and Blanket on Couch


Let's chat and determine how I can meet your needs.

Happy Teens


Get back to doing the things you and your family enjoy. 

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