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You want to make sure your child
their full

You have followed the recommendations:

  • Careful attention to sleep, diet, and physical activity

  • Natural supplements

  • Play or CBT Therapy

  • Testing and special coaching

  • School accommodations 

You are doing it all!

It's Still Not Enough
Your Child...

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Check Mark.png
Check Mark.png
Check Mark.png
Check Mark.png

Isn't playing they way the used to
Is irritable
Can't keep up with chores or assignments
Is in trouble for moving too much
Gets stuck with thoughts from the worry monster

There has to be a better way!

As a parent, you feel disheartened by determined to get your child what they need. 

You don't have to feel this way and your child does not have to suffer.

You need someone to trust

DSC_8812- cropped.jpg

Hi, I'm Dr. Bianca Busch!

I am an Adult, Child, and Adolescent Psychiatrist. 

With child and adolescent psychiatry training from Harvard's Boston Children's Hospital, I am ready to take care of your child.

Harvard Teaching Hospital.png

Medications were not your first choice

It feels scary but I am here to help and approach the medication at your pace.

With careful evaluation and collaboration with you, we can make a good plan.

Let's make a plan!

I have worked with many parents who had never considered medication for their child.

Talking with a trusted professional about including medication in your child's holistic plan can be a game plan for success.



Schedule a time to speak with me by Zoom!

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I'd like to learn how I can be helpful to your family

Happy Dance


Let your child continue doing the things they enjoy!

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