You want to feel good




Dr. Busch 

You’re in Therapy

  • You’re keeping up with CBT/DBT strategies

  • You use your meditation app 

  • You have good diet and exercise practices are average​

You are doing it all!

It's Still Not Enough

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You’re just not flowing

You’re irritable

You're having a hard time

showing up at work

Presentations are feeling hard

Being around people takes

too much energy

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You Know Something's Off

Your partner's asking what’s going on?

This just makes you feel more upset

You’re so driven and in charge

You are motivated for change

and you need help

You Deserve Support

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Hello! I'm Dr. Bianca Busch

I am an Adult, Child, and Adolescent Psychiatrist. 

With medical training from University of Colorado and adult psychiatry training from the University of Chicago, I am ready to take care of you.


You’re motivated, self-sufficient, and goal oriented

Relying on something external is hard.

I get it and you need support.

I know medications aren't your first choice, but you don't have to struggle

You're coming in because you realize that even with therapy and all of your tools you could still benefit from taking medication.

Let me help!

Feeling irritated, having headaches, noticing fluctuations in your weight, stomach issues, or muscle fatigue?

Talking with a trusted professional about including medication in your holistic plan can be a game plan for success.

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Let's chat and determine how I can meet your needs.

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Get back to doing the things you enjoy.