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You're in college
and want to 

reach your full 

You've made it college and
have all the right things in place:

  • Dorm room is set up and comfortable

  • Know your professors and TA's

  • Joined a couple of campus clubs 

  • Hanging out with new friends

  • You're physically active and eat healthy foods

You are doing it all!

It's Still Not Enough.
You don't feel like yourself and others notice

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You're grumpy
Eating too much or too little
Can't keep up with assignments
Grades slipping 
Sadness for many days

Getting stuck in paralyzing cycles of worry

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There has to be a better way!

You had it together at home, when you were in high school. 

Your parents feel disheartened but are determined to get you what you need. 

You don't have to suffer.

You need someone to trust


Hi, I'm Dr. Bianca Busch!

I am an Adult, Child, and Adolescent Psychiatrist. 

With child and adolescent psychiatry training from Harvard's Boston Children's Hospital, I am ready to take care of you and help your parents support your journey to adulthood.

Harvard Teaching Hospital.png

You didn't think your mental health would get in the way.

It feels scary but I am here to help. I will approach medication support or therapy at your pace.

With careful evaluation and collaboration, we can make a plan that helps you get back to you.

Let's make a plan!

I have worked with many college students who have needed just a little bit of help to flourish.

Talking with a trusted professional about therapy and potentially including medication in your plan can be a recipe for success.



Schedule a time to speak with me by Zoom!

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I'd like to learn how I can be helpful to you

Happy Woman


Start living your best college life!

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